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Frontier Restoration has partnered with Hearth Financing to bring you monthly payment options for your roofing project.

If your roof repair or replacement is urgent, Hearth can help you find the right loan for your roof.

Get free personalized roofing loan rates from several lending partners in 60 seconds without affecting your credit score. You’ll be able to compare roof financing monthly payments and rates from several providers.

Roof loan features:

  • No home equity requirement: If you get sick or lose your job and can’t pay back your loan, you won’t be at risk of foreclosure. However, personal roof loans do have higher rates than options secured by your home equity.
  • Rapid funding: If your project is urgent, then a personal loan may be your best option. Personal loan providers can approve you, then transfer funds, in as soon as 24 hours.
  • No prepayment penalties: Personal loan providers won’t penalize you for paying back your loan ahead of schedule.
  • Fixed monthly payments: Because personal loans have fixed interest rates, your roof monthly payments won’t change. Fixed monthly payments will help you create an accurate budget for your project.

Types of roofing projects to consider for financing:

  • Installing a New Roof: If you’re in a hurry, a personal roof replacement loan can be a great financing option for a new roof. Roof replacements can cost between $3,000 and $10,000, or higher for complex roofing projects.
  • Major roof repairs: A roof loan can be the correct choice for major repairs that cost several thousand dollars. For small DIY roof repairs that do not have significant costs, are most likely to small to take out a personal loan. A 0% APR credit cards may be best for these type of roof projects.
  • Upgrading your roof prior to selling your home: Installing a new roof increases the value of your home and it’s curb appeal. A new roof can help you close faster for more money. A personal roof loan could be perfect for this type of upgrade.
  • Paying a homeowners insurance deductible: Homeowner’s insurance usually covers your roof, but you may have a larger project and may need a roof replacement loan just to cover the deductible. Insurance companies apply coverage after you have paid a deductible ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

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