Colorado Roof Inspection and Certification

Colorado Roof Inspection & Certification

We have over 20 years of experience in roofing experience We offer free roof inspections to determine if your damage is enough to warrant repairs or if you need total replacement.


We’ll inspect the roof of any building you are considering to purchase. We’ll provide you with a written condition report informing you of the current condition of the roof and what to expect should you purchase the building.


Not sure your recent roof was installed or completed correctly? We’ll review your contract, perform a visual inspection and prepare a report detailing our observation and inspection.


The purpose of a general roof inspection is to find any problems as well as to determine the remaining life of your roof. We will check your roof and look for weakened areas that indicate rot or leaks. If the roof isn’t safe enough to access, we’ll use a drone and still be able to cover every inch of the roof.

Common Roof Problems

Feel free to ask to see problem spots and potentially vulnerable areas during the inspection. Some of the most common problems include:

  • Loose, broken or missing roofing material
  • Blistered, curled of split shingles or tiles
  • Shingle granules in rain gutters
  • Improper air conditioning or swamp cooler installation, visual inspection only
  • Sagging between rafters or near ridges
  • Broken or loose shingles near ridge and hip lines
  • Rusty metal where house meets the roof
  • Loose, missing or corroded flashing
  • Proper ventilation to allow roof to breathe
  • Depressions near vent pipes, clogged drains or separations in flashing that cause water pooling

Prior to Repair Work

If your inspection indicates the need for repair, we will provide you with a repair quote with the material to be used and work to be done. Repairs can range from shingle repair, roof leak repair, fascia repair and much more.

Maintaining a Roof

Ensure your new roof’s long life by getting certified inspections every two years. Because so many factors affect the condition of the roof, you may need to flex your inspections to account for weather damage, direction of the sun and insulation issues. You may have one side of your roof be more vulnerable than the other, so prepare your inspections thoughtfully.

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