How to Choose a Roofer

It seems as though Colorado storms rip through our communities on a yearly basis. When this happens property owners are faced with the task of hiring a roofing contractor to repair the damage or replace a roof.

Remember, low bids can often mean someone is cutting corners to make a profit. Price should not be the sole determining factor when choosing a contractor. Determine your needs, don’t allow yourself to be pressured, don’t sign an “A” agreement, don’t sign an “Intent to Roof” agreement, make a smart decision and you’ll be pleased with your investment by going with Frontier Restoration. We won’t pressure you, we may not be the lowest bid you get, but you will get a company that you are proud to refer to your friends and family.


It’s important to understand that quality contractors are going to be busy shortly after these major storms hit. If your roof is leaking, call us and we’ll make sure to get those leaks taken care of before more damage occurs.


Call your insurance company to report your claim, they will send an Insurance Adjustor to your property to assess the damage(s), it is the homeowner’s responsibility to choose the roofing contractor, not the insurance company’s. Some insurance companies have someone they may refer to you but remember, those contractors pay for those recommendations, as we all do.


Make sure that you are comparing apples to apples in your bid and your insurance summary. Our estimates are detailed and they explain what roofing material we will use. We will give you a time-frame as to when to expect your work to be completed. During a storm situation it may difficult to pinpoint an exact start date, but we should be able to confirm a schedule for the work once it has begun and/or material has been delivered.


A business history in the area is VERY important! A rule of thumb to remember is that your contractor should have been in business in your community for awhile and is not a storm chaser. Frontier Restoration does not chase storms from one state to another, we are local and we stay local.


Our agreement will clearly state the materials you have chosen and the labor to be performed, along with our terms of payment and who is responsible for permits, etc. Our agreement will tell you how long you have to accept the prices quoted, we do not charge you a penalty for cancelling an agreement with us. If material has been delivered to your property and you have changed your mind and cancel your agreement, you will be responsible for delivery charges and return and restock charges the supplier charges us.


Proof of Insurance, including Workers’ Compensation and General Liability is available to you upon request.


We do not ask for a down payment. Your first payment is due when the material is delivered to your home. If you choose to write a check to both parties…i.e.: Frontier Restoration and the supplier, we have no problem with this. If you choose to write a two-party check, we will give you with a waiver of lien from the supplier immediately. We offer you a full lien release as soon as we receive payment in full.


We give you a certificate for your warranty stating the date the material was installed on your roof. This warranty is transferable if the home should sell.

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