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  • New Roof Installations
  • Re-Roofs
  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Rebuilds
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Inspections
  • Roof Adjusters
  • Insurance Claim Experts

Why Choose Us:

  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • FREE Roof Evaluations and Estimates
  • Outstanding Warranties on Labor and Material
  • We Focus on Customer Satisfaction
  • 98% Success Rate on Adjustment Approvals if it is an Insurance Claim

New Roof Installation Denver

Whatever your budget may be, we will discuss with you various options that will fit your new roof installation needs in the Denver metro and Colorado Front Range areas, and protect your home or business for years. Whether you need a new roof for new construction or a roof replacement, here are some reasons to call Frontier Restoration:

  • We have a good reputation…BBB A+ Rating, Referrals and References from Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Homeowners, Business Owners
  • We have insurance coverage…General Liability Insurance, Workman’s Compensation, Builders, Risk
  • We provide Free Written Estimates
  • We provide friendly, honest service
  • We know the right and wrong of roofing…we make sure it’s done right
  • We always apply roofing materials according to manufacturer’s specifications…we do not cut corners
  • We have a supervisor who will be there during construction
  • We protect landscaping as much as possible during construction
  • We clean your property and around your house when finished
  • We provide a workmanship warranty and discuss the manufacturer’s warranty with you
  • Owens Corning offers various warranty protection packages for Preferred Contractors…we are a preferred contractor
  • No matter how complex your roof is, we know how to give you the best service and workmanship
  • We are here for all emergency call…24/7
  • Asphalt Shingles; Metal Roofing; Dimensional and Lifetime Shingles; Tile Roofing; Cedar Shake; PVC; EPDM; Roof Coatings…call 303-697-8550 for all our roof qualifications!

Roof Replacement Denver

Getting a new roof is no small decision. It is very important that you have a local and knowledgeable contractor carry out the installation with attention to detail and an eye on quality. We understand that people are living in your home or working at your business; we do our best to accommodate your needs and to take care of the surrounding areas. We finish all our roofs on a timely basis…we finish all our restoration projects on a timely basis.

When it’s time to replace your roof, the first question you’re probably going to ask is, “How much is this going to cost?” There are a lot of factors that affect the final cost of your roof replacement; the size of your roof, the height and pitch of your roof and the cost of materials are all factored into the cost. Material varies from shingles to tile to slate to metal…and this, of course, is your choice…but we are here to assist you in choosing the right material for you.

When you’re looking for a roofing company in Colorado’s Front Range, you want to make sure you can have confidence in the contractor that you hire. Frontier Restoration has experts who have worked in this industry for over 30 years. If your property has storm damage, you’ll be happy to know our highly-trained Property Loss Specialists will be honest with you in the inspection of your home to let you know if you have a claim or no claim. We also have Property Loss Specialists who have become licensed insurance adjusters, our experts have gone through training at the most reputable insurance adjuster schools in the country and use the same inspection techniques as your insurance adjusters…call us before you call your insurance company! Don’t file a claim you don’t need. Let us help you with that decision.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction, high-quality materials and exceptional workmanship has made us one of Colorado’s premier and trustworthy roofing and restoration companies.

Unlike contractors who travel from city to city and state to state for business who are referred to as “Storm Chasers”, we have a vested interest in Colorado’s Front Range and Mountain areas…we don’t Storm Chase! This is your property, your home, your business, we take pride in our work and our community…just like you, we want to be here for those “just in case” times when you need to know your contractor is reliable!

Our focus has always been providing our clients with top quality roof systems and we are not afraid to back it up with our warranty. We always use the best materials for the job, don’t skimp on the small things and maintain a highly trained labor force. We focus on every detail from eave to ridge because we understand that the roof system is only as strong as its weakest element. Our roofing crews have been with us for over 10 years.


Old School: Open the yellow pages and look for the biggest ad

New School: Internet….sometimes it can be overwhelming

Verifiable School: Referrals…References…

When making the investment to replace your roof, it is wise to do homework to find the contractor who will work with you best, one who uses quality products. According to a Harvard University study, 70% of new roofing companies are out of business within the first year or two. We have been around and we’re not going anywhere.

The strongest source to find a reputable company is the referral or reference from someone. This is an excellent way to know if the company you’re hiring is reputable and honest. Referrals provide real world information about the company and their day-to-day business and installation and workmanship practices for roofing, restoration and remodeling.

INTERVIEW PROCESS. The interview should develop into a conversation that builds trust and educates you about the company and their practices. It should address your needs, your concerns and your understanding of the roofing procedure.

WHAT ARE YOUR NEEDS? Do you have a leak, a storm damaged roof, poorly manufactured shingles that did not last their warranty period, or just a plain old roof? Are you buying a roof for the short term or the long haul…Is there a difference? A professionally installed roof with a strong warranty is a great feature and provides added value when selling your house, and prior to that, it protects your structure from the elements, your home’s contents and provides a safe and dry shelter for your family.

TRUST IS A REAL CONCERN. Trust is earned by delivering on expectations and promises. Trust is built by references from prior clients and suppliers. Trust is reinforced with proof of insurance, building license and membership in the BBB.

UNDERSTANDING THE ROOFING PROCEDURE. The roofing procedure should be presented to you using clear and concise terms that help you to understand the roofing job. Your professional roofing company should be prepared to review and measure your roof (if needed) review your property and landscaping for roofing tear-off preparation and understand your needs and concerns.

CONTRACT. A written contract should be easily to read and understand. Terms, conditions, oral promises and all agreements regarding your roof project should be in writing. This is a safeguard for both parties to be held to the agreement.

The contract should include:

1) preprinted with the company’s name, address and phone number.
2) a thorough description of work to be performed, specifying the materials to be used in terms of quality, color, brand name and manufacturer.
3) description of potential additional costs such as wood replacement or related pricing…supplements, etc.
4) pricing including an explanation and cost of any required permits and all applicable taxes.
5) payment schedule, a modest down payment is understandable especially if the contractor has not done business with you in the past (i.e.: Frontier Restoration does not ask for a deposit. We request payment to be made for material when delivered to your property…once the material is delivered, the material belongs to the homeowner, and at this point, first payment is required.
6) proof of insurance should be given to homeowner upon request.

In an industry that sometimes receives a question mark for integrity, added value must be given to professional roofing contractors that seek to earn your trust through best business and building practices. No matter whether you are in your ‘forever home’ or plan to move in 5-10 years, your roofing investment decision will be easier if you take the time to interview your contractor and make sure you hire a professional roofing company that has earned homeowner, manufacturer and industry endorsements.