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At Frontier Roofing and Restoration we install the highest quality gutters and downspout systems in Denver and throughout Colorado at affordable prices.

With over 30 years of roofing and gutter experience in Colorado, we are highly skilled and knowledgeable in gutters and installation. We do jobs big and small.

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galvalume gutter Denver

Galvalume Gutters Denver

GALVALUME GUTTERS are made of steel with the corrosion resistance of aluminum. We feel Galvalume Gutters are the highest of quality at very competitive prices. Here are some reasons why we choose to replace and install Galvalume Gutters.

The coating is 55% aluminum and 45% zinc and is applied to the steel sheet by a continuous hot dipping process. The coating shields the steel from moisture and contaminants while providing protection at scratches and cut edges. The process gives steel the unique combination of strength, long-term corrosion resistance with galvanic protection at cuts and bends in the material.

Galvalume Steel has a uniform, architectural shine that weathers evenly. It resists fingerprints and smudging and its roll formed dry so there are no oils.

Galvalume was manufactured in 1975 and has been thoroughly tested in many types of different environments. The installation of Galvalume has approximately nine times the longevity of galvanized.

galvalume seamless gutters denver

With the temperature changes surrounding Colorado, aluminum expands and contracts twice as much as steel. The expansion can cause leaks at corners. It can also stress the fasteners near the ends of the gutters and works them loose over time. This is why we use Galvalume Gutters.

Galvalume Gutters and downspouts are enameled inside and out, this long-lasting enamel finish protects the steel.

Most other companies prefer to offer aluminum gutters due to the weight difference. All this does is make it easier for the installer to handle…it’s easier for them to handle…BUT we use Galvalume Gutters because there is no benefit to the consumer or the buyer. Our installers have been installing Galvalume Gutters for years and are happy to continue doing so.

Seamless Gutters Denver


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