More Flights Cancelled at DIA Due to Hail

Hail Damage Causes More Denver Flight Cancelations At Denver International Airport

BY COLLEEN SLEVIN 07/15/11 05:03 PM ET

DENVER — Dozens more flights had to be canceled at Denver International Airport Friday as airlines continued to deal with the fallout from a hail storm.

Frontier Airlines was the hardest hit by Wednesday’s storm, with nearly a third of its 59 large planes in the shop. It canceled more than 60 flights through Saturday and was working to try to move passengers to other ...

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Frontier Airlines Cancels Flights Due to Hail Damage at DIA

Frontier Airlines cancels flights due to hail damage to planes

Huffington Post
07/15/11 12:26 PM ET

DENVER — Frontier Airlines has canceled more than 50 flights through Saturday because of a hailstorm in Denver that knocked nearly a third of its large planes out of service.

The airline says 18 of its 59 Airbus planes and two turbo-props were damaged in the storm that hit Denver International Airport on Wednesday. Five planes could be returned to service this weekend, but others are being ...

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